Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bite my Butt and Call Me Larry -- Did you watch this shit?

Holy crap, Scifi's Battlestar Galactica is so rad

So I have the sinus-headache to end all sinus-headaches and so after the gym tonight, we vegged out in front of the t-vision and watched the 4 hour Scifi Battlestar Galactica, in preparation to start watching the actual series. HOLY SHIT. Did you WATCH THAT MOFE? It was so good. So so so so good. Granted, I am a scifi DORK (I prefer the term riot nrrrrrd) and I'm happy there's something on tv worth watching -- "Lost" has lost its way, "24" is poop this season, and I'm beginning to think I've seen all the CSIs worth watching. Their formula of "Something trendy goes awry" is starting to weary me. Ooooh, a foam club. Oooooh, s&M. Oooooh, lip venom.

Speaking of lip venom, I heart it. Josh and I were discussing it today and it's made of stuff like ginger, and apparently ingestion of lots of ginger can cause urethra discomfort. Which means it's safe to wear lip venom and then do other things to a person, "other" meaning south of the equator action, but your venomous lips won't do any urethric damage (unless you forcefeed crystallized ginger to your boo.) (which wouldn't be such a bad thing, i reckon. i lurf ginger). And who would steal your crystalized ginger? A very important question.

Anyhoo. I think a good CSI plot would be if lip venom (which gives you bee-stung lips) actually had bee toxins in it. Because then, if you were a trained assasin, you could kiss someone (or do some below the belt espionage) and if that person were allergic he or she would go into anaphylactic shock. Like Macaulay Culkin in "my girl." He's not wearing his glasses! Oh look, my mood ring turned blue. Flesh all amesh, and all that.

But, back to Battlestar Galactica! Watch the miniseries, post haste! It kicks serious butt.

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Anonymous said...

i'm not a naturalborn sci-fi freak, but my boyfriend spent the better part of sunday watching the show and i was online job searching the whole time. i didn't even bother to watch it. i had no idea it was supposed to be good. i just thought it was another one of his "guy" shows. so thanks for opening my eyes on this one. now i'll have to check it out.



ps my friend carries crystallized ginger in a tupperware container in the trunk of her car, along with a penny whistle and many other random items. i tasted it and it almost made me vomit.