Sunday, January 09, 2005

Tired Puppy

Hi all - I apologize severely for my lack of new posts, but I am ti-ti-ti-tired and my brain is wrung dry. I'm off to LA on Wednesday and I will try diligently to recharge before then. This was a rad weekend, though! Neon Thrills and late-night awesomeness on Friday, a theater-person-clown party and contact improv with Ambrose, and a lovely new pedicure today, amongst varied other instances of mundanity. Rock your Sunday late-night, yo. I watched 24 and Strangelove and 24 was nice, and Strangelove makes me feel like I'm watching a date-rape in progress; watching this inebriated woman slip into drunkenness so she can lower her moral walls and act on impulse is kinda icky. Or maybe this situation just hits too close to home, or maybe I'm just overly sensitive because I empathize with Amazonian Gitte, because I feel her pain. When I was married to Sly, it was really difficult, too.

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