Thursday, January 06, 2005

Burning the Midnight Oil

... but the the Aussie rock band, they of "beds are burning" fame. I'm putting together a deck for a pitch tomorrow -- huzzah. Except that I think my brain is completely wrung dry. I was talking to John about gay aliens, and he said (Wait, I'll write it out in screenplay form):

John: Gay aliens? Isn't that a Ridley Scott picture?
Bex: I think it's what he's got planned for the next one. Alien 5 - They're All Gay.
John: Sigourney Weaver was pretty gay in the first one.
Bex: In 7th grade, I took acting lessons with my friend Amy. And one exercise was to bring in a product from home and do a commercial about it. Amy brought in a cereal called "SW Grahams." And our teacher was asking her questions about it.

Teacher: SW Grahams. That's an interesting name for a cereal.
Amy: We named it after my uncle. His initials are S.W.
Teacher: Who's your uncle?
Amy: Um. Sigourney Weaver. She looks like a man so we call her our uncle.
(and ... scene).

In the same acting class, I pretended to be Audrey Horne modeling a new Sweater that I'd bought at Horne's department store. I strutted in, to the rich tones of Angelo Badalamenti's "Audrey's Dance" and tried to be sexy, but I didn't know how to do it back then. Also, I was the farthest thing in the world from sexy. Sigh. But I was head-over-heels obsessed with Twin Peaks and madly madly madly in love with Agent Cooper. Special Agent Cooper. Very special, indeed. Oh, Kyle Maclachlan. A tiny piece of my preteen heart still belongs to you. And the owls are still not what they seem.

Anyhoo! Hey! Friday night, The Neon Thrills are rocking the Merc. Come on out and dance with us. They're totally kicking ass, Pop Matters ranked 'em ABOVE the beastie boys for having one of the best albums of 2004 and they're rad. So, let me exhort you just like Bob (Bob from Bob's Discount Furniture, not SCARY BOB from Twin Peaks) used to: COME ON DOWN!

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Nancy said...

Gay alien? Lol too funny :P