Thursday, January 13, 2005

Fluish? Funny, You Don't Look Fluish.

Quick announcement/shamelessness: "40 Most Shocking Hair Moments" (starring me!) will be premiering this Friday, (1/14), at 9:00 pm (hour 1 at 9, hour 2 at 10 -- tivo 'em both!)and then will repeat again that night at midnight. It will also be airing again on Saturday (1/15) at 12:30 pm and again at 7:00 pm. Rock your VH1, early and often.

In other news, I shot pickups today for "Awesomely Bad Career Moves" and attempted to be funny, despite being so feverishly damp that the sound guy had to keep gaff taping the mic to my bod. Or maybe he just liked tickling my stomach. ooooooooh! No fair.

C'est vrai, I am illin' worse than Jakob Dylan, and Noah (my roomie) is sick, too. He's uber-sick; I went to work today but he was so sick he stayed home again and that's sayin' sumpin. Our cats are so confused why we're spending all our time in bed. In our respective beds, don't be silly.

And yes, I'm not in LA. I spent the day looking at headshots, trying to find real people to be our campaign for Black History Month. Stop with the fake headshots, people. Show me who you really are and not what you look like with the right lighting and two hours of makeup. Besides, real people look REAL, not like plastic androids. Please stop becoming androids -- stay real, yo, stay real.

I had dinner with Jay and Devra and it was sumptuous and energizing. How I love those cats, love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. But now my head, she is a-pounding, so I must take some NyQuil and have vivid and terrifying dreams. Again.

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Julian said...

Do you work at Vh1? My friend Alicia works there. Quep is her name. Do you know her? Nice fun blog. I linked there. Good stuff.