Friday, January 28, 2005

Spoonses on Noses

spoons, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

Note: that's a spoon ON my nose, not a spoon for up my nose (cue the Frank Zappa!). I have a large and incharge nose (that's why they used to call me "Becky Bignose" when I was younger, which is also why I have tremendously low self-esteem when it comes to my appearance, which is also why I wear a lot of glitter: if I dazzle you with sparklies, then perhaps you won't focus on my nose. And yes, they also called me "The Wizard of Schnozz." Oh, how the childhood taunts still sting, which is yet another reason why this is the only time I will ever post a photo of my profile (because a spoon is covering most of the yuck).)

ANYHOODLES! Look -- a mini photo essay! I'm hanging a spoon on my nose, and you can clearly see that my pal Craig is astounded by my magical spoon-on-nose abilities. It's pretty obvs that in the first photo, Craig is thinking "HOLY SWEET JESUS! Bex is doing something CRAZY! I am both aghast and possibly concerned about this situation!" and then in the 2nd photo, he's thinking "Sweeeeeet."

My awesome friend Clif (he's Clif with only one 'F' -- leave off the last "F" for "Freakin' Fantastic") took these photos. Longtime readers will remember F reakin' Fantastic Clif as my cohort in rooftop skinny dipping last summer. Apparently, the story of our rooftop radness has become the stuff of Soho House urban legend, and for the record, there was no hanky-panky in the swimming pool, just good clean illegal nudity.

Anyhoo. The restaurant at which the spoon was hung was pretty spiffy and featured a design decor that incorporated both an indoor miniriver in a trough! (whoa oh oh oh oh -- hanging trough!) and slats.

Slats are meant to be hearted.

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