Saturday, January 01, 2005

Non-Drinkin' Non-Druggin' ROCKIN' NEW YEAR'S EVE

Hoop dee Hoo! There all these things I was maybe kinda going to do for New Year's but nothing was really jazzing me. Last year, Ohnson-of-Schwohson threw a birthday-New-Year's party and it was awesome and I was totally stoked about it, but this year nothing sounded fun enough. And then a friend of mine invited me to come to the yearly non-drinkin' non-druggin' dance and that sounded AWESOME -- a dance party? I've been JONESING (ha) for a dance party. And so I accepted. And it was AWESOME. An entire dance party full of wonderful, joyful sober people dancing their tushes off. With no scary people lurching around trying to grind their boners into your backs or freaky people pouring Cristal over the crowd. Just sheer, joyous dancing to all those songs to which one actually wants to dance. Enough with the virtuoso DJ-ing, man, just play me the greatest dance hits of the 90s (and who doesn't love the 90s, I ask you?) and let me shake my rump. Many truisms were yet again proven: nobody doesn't love Outkast! Nobody doesn't love Justin! And nobody, not one single soul, doesn't love "Yeah." AWESOME. I had a super fun awesome blast and woke up this morning fresh-as-a-daisy and ready to dive into all the work I have to do this weekend. Best New Year's Ever.

And todays it's downright tropical outside and as soon as I finish these scripts, I am so going to go get a pedicure because sometimes I need to let my inner princess out.

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Plantation said...

Bex, we gotta talk. I know the song. It was sung by some dude named Daddy Dewdrop circa 1972, I'm guessin.' I'm smitten by your love of music, your wit, and your writing. Smittin being a term of endearment. I read your articles on Inherent, Elton, Jester, Soundtracks, Puss out, and Mix tape. Fantastic. I learned you've listen to and/or liked Allan Sherman, The Monkees, 60s folk, Van (& it stoned me), Brubeck's Take 5, Green Day, Nirvana, a million others, and yes, Chick-A-Boom.

Why do all you interesting single, attractive, cool Jewish women live far, far away? I'm a casual VH1 viewer, but I've not had the patience for watching much cuz it's a rare event when there are actual videos playing.

Anyway, you got me hooked girl. I'm a big time fan and will be tuning in to your blog. Happy New Year...PT

PS, I my college English term paper was written about the song, 'American Pie.' Rock on.