Monday, September 11, 2006

You Look Like a Fairy Princess that Resides Over the Pits of Hill

Thus spake New York to Buckwild on last night's epi of Flavor of Love.

(I could explain it, or you could read D-listed's recap instead. Trust me, it'll save both of us time.

Anyway, long story short, Buckwild came downstairs in her pretty-pretty dress and New York looked her up and down and intoned, "(fakey nice)You look like a fairy princes ... (mean 'n' nasty) that resides over the pits of hell."

Look, I illustrated it for you:

So, I think "Over the pits of hell" is my new favorite add-on. The way New York uses it, it's like "over the pits of hell" is the new "NOT!"

Let's try it out.

"Oh, Melvin, sure I'll go out with you ... over the pits of hell!"
"President Bush is doing a great job ... over the pits of hell!"
"The fall TV lineup sure looks chock full of some stellar sure-to-be hits ... over the pits of hell!"

Spread the meme, tigers, spread the meme.


Anonymous said...

Over the pits of hell... genius!

Not surprised that Flav brought New York back on. Between all the booty shakes and Buckwild's "step- and- fetch- it" minstral routine, the show was getting boring.

Anyway, can't wait until Sunday so I can check out the Rosewood Theves at the Time Out event in Union Square!

Julio said...
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