Tuesday, September 05, 2006

And the Whole World Starts to Make Less Sense

SO, huzzah, Angela is gone from ProjRun (I just saw it spelled somewhere as ProdgeRun and I do so like that very much, I think I shall henceforth adopt it) and I couldn't be happier, namely because Angela reminds me of an ex-boss of whom I was not so fond.

So, dig:
in this interview with Blogging Project Runway, Angela reveals that up next she's working for Catherine Malandrino for Catherine's runway show during fashion week.

Wait. THE Catherine Malandrino? The one who auf'ed Angela because she looked like she was "coming from another world?" She auf'ed her then hired her?


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Heather said...

Remember Austin Scarlett from season one? And the wedding dress challenge. He made that blue and leopard dress. And the guest judge, I forget her name. Well, she ended up hating his dress. But after he was kicked off, she hired him. And now he makes wedding dresses.