Monday, September 04, 2006

Not That It's Not Tragic

Look, totally, I mean, the man's an instant legend - STEVE IRWIN, legendary fearless animal expert, advocate, explorer, and occasional wrestler (didn't he wrestle a crocodile once? I could be wrong, and I'm too tired to google it) -- DONE IN by a barbed member of the animal kingdom - the very kingdom Steve Irwin lived to exalt and praise and occastionally poke with sticks! THE TRAGEDY!

And now he is elevated, instantly, to Paul Bunyan status - like Paul with his ax and his blue ox named Babe, so Steve Irwin instantly rises into that great star-studded sky of heroic constellations - look, just past Johnny Appleseed and his appleseed sack, can't you just make out the outline of Steve Irwin with his hands in a crocodile's jaws? Okay, maybe just hugging a crocodile?

OF COURSE YOU CAN, the man's a fucking mythic hero. See? Regardez - the illustrious Crocodile Hunter, glowing up there in the night sky, somewhere near the other hunters like Orion

Anyway. That being said, I did find it odd that his death was treated with the same weight as the war against terror. Thank goodness for the news organizations.


Esther Kustanowitz said...

And on ET, it was "Sad news out of Hollywood tonight as we mourn the passing of a celebrity..."

In no way did I think they meant this dude. Do you think it's disrespectful to posit that there are crocodiles everywhere who thought they had a chance at dealing the final blow, and are now miffed at the stingrays?

Anonymous said...

That first paragraph is pure poetry. Very well written!