Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Good Night, And Good Luck

My friend Aaron brings up the most important aspect of the Katie Couric newscast, a detail I originally omitted because I was doing something REALLY IMPORTANT (read: I was on the way to my Tuesday night abs class).

So dumb ol' Katie can't even decide on her own catchphrase. She announced:
"All summer long, people have been asking me, How will you sign off at the end of your broadcast? I've racked my brain and so far, nothing has felt right ... If you have a bright idea for a great sign-off, log on to our website at and tell me. I know we'll have a lot of fun reading them, and who knows, maybe one will actually stick."

You can tell CBS your grand idea right here.

In the meantime, I'm hoping that perhaps Katie might find one of these suggestions to be sticky enough for her daily use:
* Try these on for size, Connie Chung!
* Suck it, Matt Lauer!
* America, it's time to go pick up a sixer.
* Keep your nose clean, kids.
* Yours sincerely, wasting away
* Some Pig.
* Toodles!
* (silently flexes calf muscles of steel)

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