Saturday, September 30, 2006

Orson, No! Leo, No!

So I don't watch the Desperate Housewivvle, but I just saw a little clip that made my inner Twin Peaks consciousness spring to alertness.

On the DH, Kyle Maclachlan plays this guy Orson, and there's a scene where this parrot goes "Orson, No!"

Back when Kyle Maclachlan played Agent Cooper on Twin Peaks, there was this episode where he found a tape recording of Waldo, a parrot, going, "Leo, no!"

Get it? Parrots! Parrots who squawk "_____(Name of character)_____, no!" On two different shows, both of which star Kyle Maclachlan! Pop culture reference kabam!

Okay, this now concludes the COMPLETE UBERDORKINGOUTness of this post.

In kickawesomeness, I went to the Long Winters' show at the Bowery B-room and it was amazing. I'm so proud of them: headlining the bowery ballroom to a packed house! With so many fans! Look who's a big deal rock band now! HUZZAH! And they're so fucking tight these days. Solid, as they say, as a rock. I was supremely impressed. Plus, we got a little shout-out during "Fire Island, AK" and it was total rockness.

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X-Evolutionist said...

I just caught this connection between "Desperate Housewives" and "Twin Peaks"! I was searching the internet to confirm it! I'm watching "Twin Peaks" and the mynah bird in episode 8, "Laura, No" reminded me of "Orson No" in "Desperate Housewives".

Thank you for posting this!