Thursday, September 28, 2006

RIP The Top Model Theme Song

I don't like the new song, not one bit. I like to stand up and dance whilst singing along, and I don't care for this new theme song, not one tiny iota, no sirree bob.

Goodbye, Megan. This sounds crass, but too bad your dead mother wasn't around to save you this time.


Anonymous said...

I do not like most of the junk on TV. The Internet/Interweb is worse.

Love as always,

Anonymous said...

I have not heard the opening theme, but at least now I can expect the worst. Thanks for the heads up.

Also, If I may suggest, try watching "Attack of the Show" tonight @ 7pm on the G4 Network.
(Check local listings)

And no, this is NOT a plug for the Show !!

Anonymous said...

G4, is that like that "nerd" station? One would also have to have cable to get something like that, right? I like my TV like I like my women black and white, and on UHF.

I like my last time stamp... 1234

Green lighter for life!