Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Apostrophe to the Fall TV Line-up, Part Deux (And also, because I long for structure and rigidity, in Haiku form)

I want to like this.
But the writing! So turgid!
Gag me with a spoon!

Bwa-ha! You can't fly!
Good thing your brother can, though.
Tricksy tricksy, bub!

We're all connected?
Isn't that called "Six Degrees?"
It's on ABC!

Oh, poor cheerleader.
You Wolverine-esque-ly heal.
Gee: sucks to be you.

Oh no! He OD'ed!
A tortured, psychic artist!
Heroin? Who knew?

Why'd Sean say "My bad"
Christian should apologize
For missing the birth.

Everyone we see
Wants to fuck with someone else
Why are they so mean?

Watch out! Your kidneys!
I thought that was just a myth.
No more sex for you!

Don't sleep with Michelle.
For once, just be a good guy.
Stupid, bad Christian.

I've eaten hash snacks.
I didn't hallucinate.
What's in those brownies?

Survivor: Race Wars

I wear tight clothing,
High heeled shoes. That doesn't mean
That I'm a prostitute.


Tony Dogs said...

Those are some awesome high stakes Haiku. But, did you hear Dustin Diamond did a sex tape?

Oi vey, that'll keep you up nights.

Anonymous said...

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