Friday, September 22, 2006

Apostrophe to the Fall TV Line-up, That I Have Seen, Thus Far. Oh, In Haiku Form.

Watched the first half.
Chick from Kindergarten Cop!
And deaf girl from Weeds!

Sucks about the bomb.
I get it. You once loved her.
Alas, now you're stuck.

Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip

Aaron Sorkin -- smart!
Wait, what was that reference?
Paddy Chayefsky?

So very meta!
TV show about TV!
Okay, I will watch.

No longer Chandler.
Or the guy from the West Wing.
I sure hope they kiss.

Grey's Anatomy
Why do they love her?
She's icky and so whiny!
And two guys want her?

McDreamy's in love?
Say what? But he's so married!
But hotter than vet.

Ha ha! She's Jewish!
They're sitting shiva; how rich!
Eating sandwiches!

America's Next Top Model
Everyone's so thin!
Super teeny tiny girls!
Except for Tyra.

Tyra, love your show!
But, please, girl: turn it down, eh?
You're frightening me.

Creepy twins! Look out!
Girls from "The Shining" grew up!
Now they're on "Model!"

The Office
Sad! Pam misses Jim!
And Jim clearly misses Pam!
Come back soon, Jim! Please!


Anonymous said...

I am a TV Terrorists!

Click Click Boom!


Mo! said...

I'm not a TV terrorist, but I play one on TV. Badumpbump!