Monday, January 16, 2006

Sexy for God

So, mybuddypal Renee and I were working on this promo and we kinda wanted to mock all those HBO epic-montage promos, the ones that are all turgid and over-emotional and use words like "thought-provoking" and "life-changing" in fancypants graphic treatments. And we knew we needed a killer song, one that urged to listener to hold on to every moment (of celebreality). (Tongue substantially lodged in cheek throughout, of course.)

So we chose this song, "Every Moment," by this Christian singer, Joy Williams. And we loved the song oh so much, that we decided to stick with the track even after Joy Williams made us remove all the slightly-naughty imagery, like a shot of Adrienne Curry and Chris Knight in the hot tub, or a pixelated nipple from Surreal Life. Such imagery does not support Joy's morals, and Joy's morals must be protected at all costs.

And we've been mildly obsessed with Joy Williams and her Christian sensibilities ever since. In fact, sometimes I find myself about to do something dirty and I wonder, "What would Joy WIlliams think of this? Would she allow this image to accompany her music in a promo on VH1?" And then I try to do whatever I think Joy would make Joy squeal and say, "Oh no, that is way too dirty to go along with my wonderful song, 'Every Moment'".

I should add, we edited out the middle verse of the song because it's all about god.

So now we are learning all about Joy because we found her page on Myspace! Where we've learned all about her influences (The Killers! Fiona Apple!) and her personal life (she's married! and she calls him her "Huz!") And I listened to her new songs that are conveniently located on her myspace page, and they're all ... kinda sexy? Sexy for god? Really?

And then I was thinking that if Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act could turn "I Love Him" into a song about Jesus, then one could conceivably take any love song and transform the love for a person into love for Jesus, although it's slightly squirm- inducing to imagine singing a Lil Kim song to Jesus, but I suppose it could be done. Kids today and their Jesus music, I tell you. It's like anything is all right, no matter how faux-orgasmic it may sound, as long it's a faux-orgasm (forgasm?) for Jesus.

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