Monday, January 23, 2006

Is Someone Near and Dear to You Anonymously Referenced in an Article in Today's New York Post?

Oooh, it's the first ever Blind Item on Planet Bex!

In today's Post article about downtown comedy in NYC, entitled "Inside Jokers," there's a blurb about The Shark Show that reads:
The Shark Show
* What you missed: Breast puppets. "Battle of the Shark Show Stars," ending with a bloody nose and an empty 12-pack. An episode of "Fraggle Rock" directed by playwright Clifford Odets.
* What you will see: "Battle of the Funny Bands" is slated for March. "Iron Comic" comes this June.
* Feels like: Verbally and visually PG-13, but 1980s PG-13, not pansy '90s PG-13.
* Sounds like: An "intellectual" quiz where contestants have to identify if the topic is about John Paul (pope), Jean Paul (Sartre) or Jean-Claude (Van Damme).
* Looks like: Hipsters and hip replacements.
* What you need to know: Saturdays, 8 p.m., Mo Pitkin's, 34 Avenue A. $8.

Question: How does all this pertain to me?

Hint hint: I have performed at The Shark Show many times. I have never received a bloody nose, nor was I ever in an Odets-directed episode of "Fraggle Rock."


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John said...

Is Breast Puppets anything like Puppetry of the Penis?