Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Novacaine (for the soul. Before I sputter out).

So I went to the dentist this morning to get a filling replaced and they gave me the novacaine and all that, but as soon as they started drilling to get the old, broken filling out, it hurt like a mofe! So they gave me more of the 'caine. And now my left mouth is totally numb. The numbness part is midly fun, but the problem is that I can not:
a) smile
b) enunciate
and, durstest of all
c) blot my lips to properly smear and smudge my lip gloss. AROO!

Despite the numbness/improperly-applied-lip-gloss sitch, I am excited to introduce you to today's Word of the Month:

They use this word a lot in the UK, but we don't use it here often enough. It means a crazy person. But, I think we shoud reappropriate and use it to describe those people in our lives who are crazy-in-a-good-way; the kinds of people we want to affectionately label as wacky. Like, the kinds of people who might wear costumes to non-costume parties, or the types of people who bust out into spontaneous production numbers whilst walking down the street, or the type of people who eat vegan soup every single day.
Example: "Did you see Bex and Tom? They're the first to arrive at this party, and, get this, they're wearing cowboy hats! They're such nutters!"

Use it three times and it's yours, kids.

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