Tuesday, January 31, 2006

In the Criminal Justice System, You're Considered Especially Gorgeous

Hot off the Gothamist tip train: SVUtines!!

According to Gothamist, or G'ist, as I like to call it in my mindhead: "Brandon Bird, a favorite artist of ours, has created SVUtines, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Valentines. You can see where Bird's affections are, with the inclusion of Stephanie March - and not Diane Neal - and with an amazing BD Wong card. There are ten cards in a pack, with each pack costing $10 (plus $5 shipping). Buy them here!."

These are fantastic, especially if you're like me and you harbor a longstanding girl crush on Mariska Hargitay (who plays Detective Olivia Benson -- read her fake blog right here!).

A little while ago, Josh and I becamse obsessed with all these L&O characters' blogs -- we thought perhaps they were written by NBC interns (I mean, the cadence is soooo NYU media studies junior) but then we realized they were just written by supafans, which, although still interesting, is less thought-provoking than picturing interns writing blogs for fictional people in between making copies and getting coffee.
But, for your amusement, please enjoy these L&O-based "blogs":
Captain Cragen
Detective John Munch
Detective Alexandra Eames
Detective Mike Logan
Detective Carolyn Barek
Detective Robert Goren
ADA Casey Novak

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The Paradox said...

These are some really cool blogs !!!

Speaking of which, Today my blog is 1 Year old !!!!!!!

Yay !!!!!!!!

Keep on trucking, Bex !!