Sunday, January 15, 2006

Grey's Anatomy Just Had a Hermaphrodite Named Bex

In tonight's episode!

Thus spake the blurb:
Begin the Begin
Izzie seems to be getting over Alex when she shares an undeniable chemistry with Denny Duquette, a patient who's awaiting a heart transplant, and George treats Bex, a young teen hermaphrodite.

A Bex! On the t-visual! I've never heard of another Bex on tv except as in reference to David Beckham, but I think they spell that "Becks" and just pronounce it like "Bex."

And a hermaphrodite to boot! Who was raised as a girl but kinda wants to be a boy. Hooray, "Grey's Anatomy," for popularizing the name. Maybe it'll break the top 100 babynames next year, and then I'll be forced to call myself "Madison" to be unique. Heh.

PS - I don't like the man at all, but I kind of want to start saying, "Neato Kableato, Alito!" except that it'll only be full of ironic derision if he's not confirmed.

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Daniel G. Harmann said...

Hah, yes, I thought of you when I saw that last night. Hilarity!