Thursday, January 12, 2006


I made the horrible mistake of watching the premiere of Crumbs on ABC. I watched it because
a) i had a migraine and I didn't feel like lowering the top half of my body off my bed and down to the floor to grope for the remote beneath the bed
b) i've had a thing for Jane Curtin ever since she ripped open her shirt to reveal her bazongas and shouted, "Try these on for size, Connie Chung!" whilst hosting Weekend Update.

But the show is dreadful. Poor, poor, Jane, trying to make a silk purse out of the sow's ear that is "Crumbs." It's a dreadful premise, full of lame jokes and recycled double takes. And even though it also stars the Vice President from the last season of 24, he is just trying too too hard to be funny. The writing stunk, the coverage stunk, the acting is painful. Please don't watch it, not ever.

Long live the sitcom / the sitcom is dead.
Le sigh, le sigh.
Or maybe it's just that sitcoms are funny when you're 8 and once you're a growedup they stink to high heaven. I haven't watched a comedy on tv since "Arrested Development" but I gave up on that one after an entire storyline led to the reveal that the mysterious "Mr. F" was actually Rita, the Charlize Theron character, because Rita was classified as a "Mentally Retarded Female," or MRF. Mr. F = MRF = who uses the word retarded anymore? Yuck.

Although, here's something funny on tv - we watched a Nova called Isaac Newton's Dark Secrets which features a learned scholar discussing Newton's explorations into alchemic and talking about the "sworded whore" and the "minstrel blood of the swarded whore" and the way he says "whoooorrrrrrrre" is well worth the tivo'ing of the Nova.

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