Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The New York Times is SOOOOOO Helpful

So it seems that the ol' Grey Lady is embracing the magic of hypertexting within its online articles. Which is fine. What's weird is which words (or names) they choose to hypertext. In today's article about Nixzmary Brown's funeral, they chose to give us handy links to two people: Joel Klein (NY Schools Chancellor) and Jesus Christ (supposed son of god).

Check this on out:
"Joel Klein, the school chancellor, was there, as was Linda Gibbs, a deputy mayor. Before Communion was received, Mr. Klein walked over and embraced the young girl's grandmother, Maria Gonzalez. It was a long embrace and they patted each other on the back.

It was a fitting day for a funeral, people said - a raw, cold, penetrating day. The wind blew fiercely; it blew off people's hats. "That's Jesus Christ crying," Awilda Cordero, a family spokeswoman, said about the rain."

Thanks, New York Times. That Jesus Christ reference totally confused me, but you and your lovely hypertext cleared it right on up. Does he work in the same building as Joel Klein? I mean, they're both Jews, right?

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