Saturday, January 14, 2006

Oh, My Sinuses

Hot damn, for years I thought the plural of sinus was sinii, but I stand corrected: it's "sinuses." Whoops.

So ... even though I have the windows open and the humidifier set to overdrive (Theoretically, I ought to be so very moist right now) and I have rocked the neti pot and taken sinus sudafed, my poor face feels like it's exploding.

Anyone have sinus-related oldsy-timesy folklore? Here, I'll share my best one: if you ever lose your voice, gargle with apple cider vinegar. Be forewarned -- it's vile-tasting and you may have to cut it with water, but once you get that shiznit down to the deep throat part of your throat and swirl it around back there, you'll get your voice back, I promise.

There, I showed you mine ... so if you have any sinus remedies, do please show me yours?

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Kit said...

How could you forget the Hot Toddy, the ultimate illness cure?

(Well, it's not actually a cure, but meh)

Take 1tbsp Lemon Juice, 1 shot Borboun/Whisky, Cloves, add together in a tumbler and mix with boiling water. Add honey for sweetness.

And, it works!

Only have one a day, though. Too much alcohol can make your sinuses worse, rather than better.

Get well soon!

Love Kit xxx