Monday, January 23, 2006

Adieu to my Fave Skating With Celebs Pair

Alas! A heartbreaking elimination on tonight's Skating with Celebrities, or as I like to call it: Celebs on Ice! (You should automatically add reverb in your head whenever you say that, by the way: CELEBS ... ON ... ICE!)

So I appreciate that Jillian Barberie actually can skate (doesn't that seem against the rules, though?) and I like that she has a bohunk of a skating partner -- John Zimmerman, hubba hubba! And I like seeing how Nancy Kerrigan hasn't lost the baby weight and how Dave Coulier might be a good hockey skater but he's stymied by the toepick. But, most of all, I love Todd Bridges and Jenni Meno. Todd is a formerly-troubled-child-star-made-good and Jenni has the impossible-to-believe traits of being a wonderful skater who has no sense of rhythm. And I totally thought they were the dream team. And they tried so hard, but poor Todd slipped and fell and now they are gone and I miss them already.

Although, truth be told, this show and the Dancing with the Stars ones are so weighted in favor of celeb chick / pro skater-dancer. Because the dudes do all the lifting and throwing in both cases, so celeb chicks look like they have all these hot tricks, but they're really just supported by their pro dudes. And then when the celeb dudes skate or dance, the pro ladies look all graceful but they don't do fancy throws or lifts because the celeb dudes just don't know what they're doing (although, man, did you see Todd Bridges lift Jenni? It was a total lifts-are-better-in-the-water moment and my heart sang for them). Anyhoo - my point is that celeb chicks look flashier than celeb dudes because pro dudes make their partners look better than the pro chicks do. SIGH SIGH MCSIGH! Ah, the injustice.

And yet, I will still continue to tivo Celebs on Ice diligently, because the show combines my two most favoritest things: figure skating and famous people. Yum!

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