Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ah, Project Runway. You Do A Girl's Heart Good

Spoiler alert!

Oh, sweet sweet Dirty Diana, I am sad to see you go. How I loved you and your science-nrrrrd gimmicks. But, alas, Marla the almost-Seahag dragged you down into the salty brine, and truth be told, your outfit sizzucked. Bleeech.

And next week -- they're designing a FIGURE SKATING outfit? For Sasha Cohen? Interrobang!!!! What a dream come true! I heart you, Project Runway.

END SPOILER ALERT! (kinda, but I must warn you that I'm still going to talk about Figure Skating)

Because, between your Figure Skatin' love and the upcoming awesomeitude of Fox's "Skating with Celebrities" (Complete with the dream team of Nancy Kerrigan and Dave Coulier) (and you just know someone's going to break an ankle), and then the fact that I feel like I am already coming down with a slight case of Olympic Fever -- man oh man, this is a banner year for being a Figure Skatin' Fan.


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patresa said...

skating with celebrities? this is the first i'm hearing of this. is that a joke? dave coulier is going to be a figure skater? that seems really really weird. ph