Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Vadging Out Avec Les Chicks

Nichelle posted photos from last night's Chicks and Giggles grrrrl-fest of awesome.

Check 'em on out, ya'll's missed a righteous show (except for you lovely people who were there and witnessed raunch the likes of which i've never raunched before).

More (live) shows coming your way soon, deets to come as soon as shiznit gets solidified... that means it's currently liquid shiznit!

You know sometimes when you drink too much hard alcohol (or, like, remember back to your early 20s when you'd drink too much hard alcohol) and then you have the runs the next morning? I like to think of that particular situation as the Liquishits.

I wasn't even scatologically raunchy last night, tigers, but these are the breaks. And those are the chicks!

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