Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Straight to the Kickawesomeradness

Yay! I feel like such a Gotham celeb today because RKB is so rad that she interviewed me for Gothamist. Holy hot cha cha!

I'm on my way to go shoot All Access Awesomely Bad Celeb Freakouts -- lots of Tom Cruise vs. Lauer, Tom Cruise vs. Oprah, Water Pistol vs. Tom Cruise and crazy, crazy Pat O'Brien voicemails. And then on Friday, I shoot All Access Awesomely Bad Celeb Habits. And then next week, it's All Access Celeb Parties, or something like that. Are we detecting a trend here? All I ever do is talk shit about people I don't know! In fact, when I was in LA, I was mildly scared I'd run into Paris Hilton and she'd give me a much-needed beatdown for slanking her off for three years on tv.

Come to Chicks and Giggles tonight! WOO!

PS -- Isn't a "recess appointment" just another word for "cheating?"

PPS -- Still totally obsessed with John Darnielle's cover of "The Sign." (see post about mostbest stereogum link ever. if you haven't listened yet, you are sooooo losing out).

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The Paradox said...

Yes - You called it right Bex. "Recess Appointment" IS another word for "Cheating"