Friday, August 19, 2005

Frawg? Do I want to drink something called Frawg?

So I'm in my office, where the tv is always tuned to VH1. And I just saw a spot for a new apple-flavored Big Glup / Slurpee at the Slev, called "Frawg".

Frawg? With a logo like a frog-pawprint? Do I want to drink something that's bright green and looks suspiciously like frog guts?* Is the Slev just ripping off a classic Monty Python routine?

I can just hear the local 7-11 proprietor now: "We use only the finest baby frogs, dew-picked and flown from Iraq, cleansed in the finest quality spring water, lightly killed, and then sealed in a succulent Swiss quintuple smooth treble cream milk chocolate envelope, and lovingly frosted with glucose... and then Slurpee-ized."

*actually, yes. yes, i do.

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