Thursday, August 04, 2005

Spreading the Love, Much Like Butter

A few shoutouts: to The Apiary, a website that showers NYC comics with love affection. And, just like Nelson, I can't live without it.

To Ethan and his blackrimglasses: Ethan and his lovelywife Amy took me to a Secret Machines / Kings of Leon show in LA and someone approached me with the line, "Excuse me, are you what a Bex Schwartz looks like in real life?" Indeed I am. And then Ethan called me his little celebrity. Aw, shuckies! But, the best part about Ethan is that we once spent a frigid evening walking along St. Marks Place and trying on various hats and sunglasses, trying to create the ideal look for imaginary bands. Like wearing a Russian fur hat and wire-rimmed blue sunglasses would mean you were in a band that sounds like Wire-meets-Oingo-Boingo.

To Mark Treitel and his incredibly meta-meta post about how we all blog about each other. Thus, I continue the trend of blogging about blogging about blogging about blog posts.

Mark's post introduced me to Icerocket, which is cooler than Technorati and has a less icky name. I Icerocketed myself and found out that some people love me and some people hate me and some people think i'm ugly and some people want to fuck me. Just like in real life!

So ... I'm shooting my mega kickradawesome "I Love the 80s 3D" spot on Saturday and it's SO going to blow your mind. To that extent, check out my CG partners, 1st Ave Machine, because they will fuck up your shit so damn bad it'll never be the same. In an INCREDIBLY awesome way.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the love! You are awesome on VH1.

Blake Rhodes

ethank said...

I think that my Badly Drawn Boy meets My Bloody Valentine would ROCK. That was a fedora with aviator glasses.

Mark Treitel said...

And so Icerocket rules. I checked myself and saw Bex's post so I trackbacked and my mind is doing cartwheels. Thx Bex! You're the Bexest!