Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Counselor Esther Says Such Nice Things!

Golly gee, my once-upon-a-time counselor at Jew Camp wrote the nicest blog entry about me today. AW, SHUCKS! And to think, that was the summer I cried hysterically almost every day because I was so very homesick. Esther's post reminded me to plug ANOTHER camp friend, Mark Treitel, who is currently kicking ass in the new Bravo reality show, "Situation Comedy." Mark gained fame and fortune (in the form of Shabbatograms, mayhaps), by coming onstage during a Hebrew production (reinterpretation) of an episode of Family Ties and saying, "Skippy! Ayzo peanut butter!" when Skippy entered the scene. Or something. I wasn't there when that happened because I wasn't going to Jew Camp yet, but the legend lived on.

I think that phrase translates to "Skippy -- is really peanut butter!" but I could be horribly mistaken.

This is the point at which I proudly point out that I played Mrs. Walker in a Hebrew production of Tommy, at the very same Jew Camp. At that, many years apart, both my mother and I played orphans in two different Hebrew productions of "Oliver."

And that one summer they did Jesus Christ Superstar in Hebrew, except it was about Shabbetai Tzvi.

This is also probably a good point at which to redirect you to my wannabe-infamous article about being a Bad Girl Jew.


Lyss said...

What years were you at Ramah?
I was there around 1990, 1991....

Harry said...

Holy Fucking Shit. I played Skippy in that play. It was called "TV or Not TV." Mark Treitel was not only my counselor, but my hero.

Mark Treitel said...

Whither art thou, o, Harry? He was the best Skippy of them all.

BTW, I knew Bex BB (Before Bex) and probably still have a letter she sent in her camp girl mode.

The skippy was a surreal prop to bridge scenes. Bex didn't mention that the entire play was performed in Hebrew.

You can find out more about my current adventures on Bravo's Situation Comedy or at my site www.marktreitel.com.

Mark asks why does Bex refer to herself in third person in Gothamist interview?

Esther said...

Oh for f's sake. You mean all this time Harry is a Ramah Alum? Harry who knows things? Why did he never out himself to me? I will have to think on this long and hard.

Esther said...

Plus, it's actually "Skippy-what a peanut butter." Still, extremely random.

Plantation said...

If it wasn't for Esther, I wouldn't have found you :-)

jon said...

After we paid for our kids long island summer camp we found it tough to recover! I totally agree with you!