Monday, January 08, 2007

When It Rained, It Smelled Like Animal Crackers

Post-script to the great stink-off of 07:

I grew up in a small town in the Dirty Jerz called Glen Rock. Glen Rock has many notable features, such as a very large rock, and also a great many beauty salons.
Seriously: look, a really big rock. In the glen. Amazing, right? (Photograph by David Tanner).

Glen Rock also has a large Nabisco plant right on the edge of town. And every time it rains, it smells like animal crackers.

To this day, I am faintly confused when it rains and the downpour hasn't been preceeded by the smell of cookies.

Cookies, might I add, is a highly preferable odor to natural gas.

Ah, Glen Rock. When it rained, it smelled like animal crackers.

(Someone quite younger than I put together a "You Know You're From Glen Rock" thing on the interweb. As much as I'm ashamed to admit it, there apparently is no generation gap in Glen Rock -- we all remember the same things. Beyond the rain/cookies phenomenon, I will always cherish Glen Rock because there were large bushes in the center of town that spelled out G L E N R O C K and every few years, someone would get drunk and head out with a chain saw and alter the bushes so they spelled G L E N F U C K and that is why it was awesome).

(Admittedly, the town was also awesome because if you sneezed on one side of town, someone else on the other side would hand you a tissue. Also, all the gossip in Glen Rock stemmed from the notorious Banana Tree at Kilroy's Wonder Market. The Banana Tree was not a real tree. It was a column covered in astro-turf, from which were hung bunches of bananas. (Photo also by David Tanner.)

SERIOUSLY -- someone give me a sitcom deal, stat.


ryan said...

I'm not sure how I found this blog, but I grew up in Mahwah. Driving thru Glen Rock was the coolest, if only because of the Animal Crackers smell.

Pseudonympho said...

This reminds me that when the apocalypse caused by the Rosie and Donald arms race comes, I shall gather two of each animal cracker, build a boat (probably just use their box), and begin to repopulate humanity.

Oh yeah, I'll probably bring Lindsey Lohan because who wants a prude to start over the world with? Plus, if she can withstand all the drugs, alcohol, and cooter shots, maybe she is the next stage in the evolution of human biology.