Monday, January 15, 2007

Hobbitises Reunited With the One Ring To Rule Us All

This little tidbit from Defamer's PrivacyWatch warms the very cockles of my heart:
... flying Virgin Airways from L.A. to London today (Weds. Jan. 10th.) Always thought the guy might be gay, but -- no friggin' way -- he was sucking face with a nice, head-taller-than-him short-haired brunette in the VIP lounge and then throughout the flight. The lovebirds even shared the same lie-flat seat (just sleeping; no snogging, it seemed). Appears to be a really nice, down-to-earth guy. At one point during the flight they announced over the P.A. that someone had lost a ring in one of the lavatories. Turns out it was some kid, and the ring was a LOTR souvenir he'd bought in New Zealand. After asking E.W. if it'd be okay, a stewardess brought the kid (newly reunited with his ring) to meet him and get his autograph. Hmmm ... plot line for a sequel? Quick, somebody tell Bob Shaye to bury the hatchet with Peter Jackson.

HOW ADORABLENESS! A little kid was sniveling and whimpering because he lost his precious LOTR souvenir ring, someone retrieved it from the airplane bathroom (possibly after joining the mile high club) and then the little rugrat gets his mind blown when Frodo himself autographs it? And the kid was probably like, "But didn't you throw it the volcano at the first-out-of-four endings of Return of the King?" And it was a scene vaguely reminiscent of the Britney Spears video for "oops i did it again" when the astronaut offers Britbrit the Heart of the Ocean necklace and she says, "But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?" And the astronaut says, "Yeah, baby. But I went down and got it for you." Jigga what?

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