Monday, January 08, 2007

Big 'Em Ups to Miss CKC

I think WHITE RAPPER is top notch t-vision. And I have to shout it on out to my girl Miss CKC (aka the brilliant Carolyn Castiglia) for rapping about her post c-section high and tight hoo hoo.

I also loved that guy who rapped in yiddish, but KABANG, here she is in all her awesomeness: Miss CKC:

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Anonymous said...

I have started wetting the bed again, thanks to White Rapper! When I was a child I wet the bed because God did not love me and make me normal. Now that I am an adult, I wet the bed because I am laughing so hard at the shit that get shown on a "music" channel.

Put up a clip with the dildo, please.

Good night NIGGERS.