Monday, January 29, 2007

Oh Boy, An All New "All Access'

Yo people! I'm in the new VH1 show "Celeb Showdown 3" that premieres tomorrow (Tuesday, 1/30) at 9pm on VH1. Set your tivo or divo now! There's also a sneak peak at 11am, for those of you who work from home, or have one of those TV watch thingies that Dick Tracy used to wear.


Anonymous said...

TV B Gone

Anonymous said...

The long hair is hot... Lookin' good Bex! Nice job on the new episode but please, no more ribcage stories. =)


Anonymous said...

Here is a free idea for you.

Some hip, cool, new band will need to do this for a music video.

0.) Get an easy to rember toll free number.

1.) Place the number in the video as if it were Time Warner Cables caller ID on TV! Little blue bubble.

( Incomming call from )
( 888-emo-rock )

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Julio said...
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Lord Playboyman said...

I loved the new episode. "What was the best part", you ask ?

Your Boobies, of course !

They just looked sooooo beautiful on camera - nice and perky, and the cleavage was just perfect !!

You should be very proud of your boobs, Bex - They have done well.