Monday, January 22, 2007

Forsooth! What Would A Unicorn Do?

I can't live without this nugget of goodness. It's a folder. A folder with a spinner atop the front. A spinner that tells you what a unicorn would do. You know, like let's say I'm about to punch a wall -- I could consult my WWUD spinner and it would tell me to frolic in a meadow. So, lo, I'd go frolic in a meadow. It's the logical solution. And perhaps you'd like to frolic with me? Oh yes. What fun we shall have, frolicking in the meadow. Deliciouso!

(Fret not, one of these folders is already winging its way to my hot little hands. Oh, I can't wait! Oh! My friends Sue and Chris have one of these folders and I saw it at their house on Saturday, and I fell instantly in love with it and knew I had to have one. At once! But I didn't steal theirs. Get yours, today!)

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