Wednesday, January 31, 2007

America, Show Us You're Nuts

So, please read my latest thoughts on American Idol over here, on my Oomph blog.

In short:
American Idol auditions prove mainly that America is full of crazy people who desperately want to be on TV.

Why not eliminate the middleman, and create a show, much like American Idol or America's Got Talent, wherein we go to all sorts of cities and ask people to audition and just us how crazy they are?

They'd basically be competing to see who's America's favoritest crazy-insane person. I'd nominate Margaret Fowler from last night's Birmingham auditions to launch this new show.

Because, MAN, she is hothouse crazy. And, MAN, she wanted to be on TV. So I think we just get all of the crazy-people-who-want-to-be-on-TV to audition, and if they "make it," they get to be on an American Idol-esque show where each week they get on stage and continue to be crazy, and then eventually the winner lands a spot on a sitcom.

And we shall call it:



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Rob said...

Included with those crazy people should be that woman from the Family Research Council who was just on MSNBC with you...

I loved how she called "Seventeen", among others, an unwholesome magazine. I guess when you're only "magazine" is the Word, anything with pictures or logical advice will surely be seen as blasphemous.

Glad to see you're getting out there more often on the news shows to offer commentary...Hopefully next time you won't be described "merely" as a VH1-employee, as you're evidently more than that.