Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Okay, Color me Corrected.

So, it wasn't Liz Taylor. It was Saddam Houssein, and I'm so sorry I missed the boat on that one. I somehow thought it would be later in the month and somehow thus wouldn't qualify for the "always comes in three" death trifectas. So, sorry 'bout that, Ms. White Diamonds.

Now, I totally don't mean this in a mean way, but wouldn't it have been, in a horrible way, TRANSPLENDENTLY interesting, if Britney Spears had actually died instead of merely passing out on New Year's Eve?

Truly, truly, I wish no ill towards Ms. Brit-brit. I love her to pieces. I'm just saying, wouldn't it have been a REALLY INTERESTING WEEKEND if she had, say, passed out into a pit filled with tigers and snakes? Interesting in a HORRIBLE-HORRIBLE way?

Anyway. Onwards and upwards for everyone in 2007. Especially for Britney. Because I wish her only the bestest.

2007 is going to be kickawesome! Because now we're only one year away from 2008! And 2008 will bring with it a whole new era of awesomeness.

And by "awesomeness" I mean "impending zombie revolt."

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Anonymous said...

but saddam was EXECUTED... he didn't just die. So maybe that doesn't "count"?