Monday, May 30, 2005

Bex Schwartz, Rainbowchaser

Bex Schwartz, Rainbowhunter, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

So my boyfriend has this totally kickassawesomerad cabin-by-the-woods (little-old-man-by-the-window-stood) (saw a rabbit hopping by, knocking on his door). And we fled there this Saturday night after spending the entire day building Ikea.

Digression: See, Noah and I love our new pad, but it sure is a money pit full of snakes that angry. Everything needs to be tweaked and adjusted or straightened and shimmed or build or redone. There were two main problems with the kitchen: 1) the cabinets are so tall that little ol' me can only reach the first shelf and they're totally impractical and 2)we have no "public space" (read: utility closet; read: where to put the vaccuum cleaner and kitty litter). So we bought two mega Ikea cabinets and they finally arrived. So we (me and Noah and the boyf) spent Saturday constructing them. Oh, man. We built the difficult one first -- it's this 8-foot-tall pull-out pantry of food storagedom ingenuity. And it was so fucking hard to build that I want my Ikea merit badge, stat. It was soo tough that we named it Great White. And then we built the second one, which is an 8-foot-tall cabinet thing with shelves, to hold, among other things, the vacuum and kitty litter. And it's rad but so less tricky and flashy than Great White. We were calling it Great White's Lesser Twin but that sounded so sad. So we ended up with the very melancholy Great White and The Cabinet With No Name.

Anyhoo. So the boyfriend and I split for the cabin-by-the-woods late Saturday night, to spend the rest of the weekend maxin' 'n' relaxin' and breathing fresh mountain air. On Sunday night, we headed into town to pick up some groceries and ended up following this beeeyoutiful rainbow the whole time, so we eventually pulled over and took photos of it.

When I was a kid, I was mad for rainbows, or "wainbows," as I called them. MAD. My wallpaper patter was little pastel rainbows flowing into cloudbanks. I loooooved rainbows. Had rainbow EVERYTHING. I still have lots of rainbow things -- a scarf, a a sweater, socks, that pride flag they give you when you move to Chelsea -- all the basics. And so I was oh-so-excited to see this lovely rainbow. Hence the elation. I want to pass out business cards with just this photo that say: Bex Schwartz, Rainbowchaser.

It nicely brings out that hippie-dippie side that I keep hidden.

Right. So we're driving around, listening to E sing "Goddamn right, it's a beautiful day," and it was awesome. Did you know E's dad is Dr. Hugo Everett III, author of the "many worlds" hypothesis in the quantum physics universe? HOW FUCKING RAD IS THAT. Just wanted to share. I love that.

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