Monday, May 23, 2005

Bex Went Back to College, and This is What She Saw

Bex and Josh Go To Reunion and Try On Hats!

Quoth the raven: "It's never fun looking for a hook-up, but it's always fun to wear a preposterous hat."

EVERmore, motherfuckers.

See, our old pal Ben's mom works at this school, teaching art. And this old lady died and left behind an enormous quantity of rad hats. So Ben's mom was given the hats so her kids could use 'em and make art. But Ben's mom knew that Ben, a former theater major (like myself -- in fact, he rocked my lights SO BRILLZ for my sr. thesis project back i.t.d. {in the dizzay}) was about to return to Wes for reunion and so she gave him the hats to donate to the theatre department there (prizzops!)

But we intercepted the hats. Oh, quelle joie. "intercepted," like they say in football. Bill Belichick, another fellow wes alum, was at reunion/commencement and spoke to the crowds and got an honorary degree. i'm allz, "yo, i went to wesleyan because the football players in high school were dreadful, and now there's mr. successful football dude from wesleyan being all important? brain fart!"

any hooski: My tummy hurts like nobody's mofo business. yeeouch.

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The Neurotic Monkey said...

I tried posting a comment before -- but evidently it didn't take. SO if this is a repeat, my sincerest apologies.

Firstly, thanks for the shout out. I do 'ppreciate it.

Secondly, I didn't know Belichik went to Wesleyan. (Although I am a Pats fan, I'm not by any means a sport nut -- shocking, no doubt) Odd to think of him goin to the same school that gave us Joss Whedon, Dar Williams, the guys that wrote "PCU", and you.

Meanwhile, not many people came from Vassar, my alma mater. Well, we do have Meryl Streep, Lisa Kudrow, and Ethan from "Survivor". And a lot of daughters of famous people go there. Oh, and Anne Hathaway. It's not quite the same though, is it?

Anywhoski, hope your tummy is better (sorry to drop the technical jargon on you).

Keeps it realz and Challah back, youngin'!

...I'm so lame.