Friday, May 06, 2005

Oh Man, Mike Doughty is So DoublePlus Kickrad

Just in from Mike's stint rocking the Bowery. He's so rad. Every time he broke a guitar string, Handsome Dan Chen (on keyboards) would vamp with Salt 'n' Pepa's "Push It." AWESOME. How I love Mike's music. And to get "True Dreams of Wichita" AND "Janine" AND "The Only Answer" AND so much of his kickradtastic new album all in one show? Brillz. And during Janine, Mike busted out a shoutout to Surreal Life 4 and Verne Troyer. AND JUST YOU WAIT FOR THE PROMOS for Surreal Life 5. I wrote this total "Free To Be, You and Me" little ditty and we got it composed, banjo-stillz. Lyrics, for your precampaignlaunch enjoyment:

It just can't be real, 'cuz it feels like a dream:
A rapper, a slugger, a model supreme,
A racer, a beauty, a one-time apprentice
And one perfect stranger -- its goshdarn momentous!
But it's real, it's so real, it's so real it's surreal!

Josh and I tried to go out for Mexican food preshow but we went to the restaurant that's just like the Hat but not the Hat, a block away from the Hat, and they only had one servon and it was kinda ridonkulous. So we left. But at least we tried to commemorate the holiday spirit. We were talking about how sometimes it's impossible to imagine friends of yours having sex -- not like I spend lots of time envisioning my friends having sex with their sigothers, but there are certain people that are just impossible. Like, if someone said, "Whoops, I walked in on Billy and Jocelyn fucking" your mind would just go blank because you couldn't even imagine it. Josh says, in these cases, his brain just sees a farm full of bunnies. I rather agree.

So, tomorrow I'm off for Pittsburgh, where the "ohnson" in my "Schwohnson" is finally wedding her pre-husband. Such total wondrousness. And, oh my stars, I am so totally flying to Pittsburgh. Little Mz. Jetsetter, c'est moi. I'm offline til I return, so rock your weekend. And keep those cards and letters coming! I'll totally start publishing a "fanmail o' the day" if you keep rocking me hard like this.

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