Monday, May 02, 2005

Separated at Birth?

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My new copy of Spin was waiting for me when I got home. As was a tivo'ed copy of All Access: Most Awesomely Bad Career Moves (because I tivo all my shows because I like to watch them) (because I like to chart my haircolor and weight gains through the months). And look! Look -- who's who?

In college, I made a mix tape my frosh year called "Pretty Boy Music" (named after this guy Rob McDonald who was a math major and a poet and i was googly in-crush and my friends said he was a pretty boy) and it's the soundtrack of 2 semester of my frosh year (when one of our friends went mad -- like, literally mad; he disappeared for a while and came back after a stint in a facility). ANYHOO! That was the semester i got all up into the Soul Coughing grill and broke my ankle running around pretending I was a box monster (with a dorm-refrigerator box on my head). My group in Dance class choreographed a piece about "cool" to "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. So I put that song on the mixtape.

I played this mixtape a lot during spring break when I was recovering from having my wisdom teeth removed (I wrapped stockings filled with frozen vegetables around my head for the swelling). My mom wanted to know why the lead singer wanted to "fuck you like an enema."

mom: why would he want to fuck you like an enema?
bex: it's fuck you like an animal, ma. sheesh.

Anyhoo! Chris Gaines -- Garth Brook's alter-ego! As referenced in All Access: Awesomely Bad Career Moves! And Trent Reznor! Broody lead singer of Nine Inch Nails and David Lynch-collaborator! Twins?

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