Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Baltimore Oriole Day

When I was a kid, I always thought "Memorial Day" was "Oriole" day, and the only oriole i knew was the one from Baltimore. Anyhoo.

I'm doing so much better, chickens! My Colitis Andronicus is clearing up right-nice. The only problemo is that my antibiotics make me massively dizzy and woozy. So I get to swoon all the time. Swoooooon.

I am doing a show this Wednesday:
BRUTAL HONESTY IS BACK! June 1 at Otto's Shrunken Head! (538 E 14th)

This month's topic: "I said "yes" -- Drugs, drinks and the downward spiral."

With: VH1's (A to Z and "All Access") BEX SCHWARTZ!!!!
Everyone Win's Co-Host, MARK SAM ROSENTHAL!!!
Host, Royal Wood, Spoiler Film Festival, ROSEMARY STEVENS!
The Comedy Social's own CAROLYN CASTIGLIA!!!
Don't know him but hear he's fucking A-MAZING DAVE HILL!!!!

My friend Lianne co-hosts it, or co-produces it (or something). I am so stoked the gig's at Ottos's -- that's where I had my birthday two years ago, because it's tikitiki and they serve blue drinks that glow (my faveraveraverave thing to drink evuh. I'm not allowed to drink because of my medimacations for the tummy, but I think that by Wednesday I'm done with the "Do not drink" antibiotic. Let's hope).

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