Monday, May 09, 2005

This is a Bald Chimp

baldchimp, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

We were just talking about monkeys. And how it would be awesome to see a monkey shaving. Rob said you'd have to give it a nick-free razor ("like the type the ladies use on their legs," he said). But I said I wanted to see a monkey shave for reals. And Rob said a hairless monkey might look sad. And so we googled "bald monkey" and got bupkes, but we googled "bald chimp" and found this lovely lass. she doesn't look sad. but she does look like a shriveled human being. and to think, they call us naked apes. Golly gee. I have seen a naked ape and I think she just needs a sassy tee-shirt with a glittery iron-on and she'd be all set.

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Anonymous said...

Bald chimps give me a solid wang.