Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It's Super Special Tuesday

My buddypal Mike Doughty's AWESOME new album drops today. I've been keeping silent about how AWESOME it is because I had a super special pre-release copy of "Haughty Melodic" (it's an anagram for Mike's name) but now that the rest of the world can listen, too, I can gush:
Mike Doughty writes lyrics like none other. And you all know how much I heart Soul Coughing -- but I heart Mike Doughty solo-stillz even more. He's rocking the Bowery on May 5th (cinco de Mayo!) And I'll be there. Singing along, content in my dorkitude.

NOT that Mike is a dork -- he is the coolest of cool. He is cooley mcCool. But the whole singing-along-to-every-lyric-this-man-has-ever-written? a tad on the dorky side.

Riot dorrrrk and proud!

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