Thursday, June 02, 2005

Of Hot/Somewhat Disturbing Groupie Sex and Stranger Things

So I did this really super fun show last, "Brutal Honesty" at Otto's Shrunken Head, and it was super stellar experience. The gig was produced my friend Lianne Stokes, who rocks, and my new friends Giulia Rozzi and Becky Yamamoto, who also rockity roll. I was lucky enough to meet the very awesome Rachel Kramer Bussel who seems to be the nexus of nearly everything and everyone in the comedic blogosphere and all parts Eastward. Rachel was supersweet enough to blog about me today and I am so flattered by her superawesome kind words that I am blushing deep enough to match the new dark pink skirt I am wearing today. Yes, you read that right -- I am wearing COLOR! Usually, when summer first hits NYC, I actually bust out some colorful clothing for a change, straying beyond my usual uniform of black-with-the-occasional-red-accessory.

Anyhoo ... so the show was kickrad. The theme was "I said yes: drugs, drinking and the downward spiral" and I told a long and debaucherous story about my nastypast and people laughed a lot and it felt really good and it made me want to get back on stage again because making people laugh is all I really want to do, other than making them think or making them squirm, both of which are also things I enjoy doing. I also enjoy dancing and drinking beverages through little teeny-tiny straws, thanks for asking.

So I was just talking to my buddypal Mike, who left me a voicemail last night that said, "I thought that you were sick until I looked on your blog and saw you standing under a rainbow." He went on to note that such a sentence would make a fabulous song title. Write the song, Mike, write the song!

And so it goes on and on ... Logo launches in less than a month and we're kicking into overdrive. It's like finals time only a lot more intense. And a lot more gay.

Hotness: for my Lost-watching peops out there -- have you rocked this site yet? So many hidden easter eggs of nougatty goodness, like the white yummy on the inside of a Cadbury egg (because when bunnies lay eggs, they taste AWESOME!)

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