Monday, June 06, 2005

Continuing Adventures in Punditry

So I'm doing this show on Thursday on MSNBC as the crazy, foul-mouthed pop culture pundit that you know and love. It's called "Connected: Coast to Coast" and it's hosted by Ron Reagan (!) and Monica Crowley. Ron Reagan, as you know, is the son of ex-Prexy Ronald Reagan, and Monica Crowley is not the daughter of Aleister Crowley. I'd like to tell Ron Reagan that when I was a kid and we were driving through Poughkeepsie, we passed a billboard with a large photo of Ronald Reagan (sr.) in front of a clock, and there was also a Russian flag. I asked my mom what it meant and she said that it was Ronald saying that he was so popular, in five minutes even the Russians were going to start voting for him. When I was much, much, embarassingly much older, I learned that this billboard was actually probably referring to Ron's embarassing gaff on declaring, whilst mic'ed, that "in five minutes we begin bombing the Russians." Fucker took that nuclear clock to like 11:59:50 back in the day.

ANYHOO! I probably won't get to tell him that because I'll be discussing popcultural tomfoolery like the MTV Video Awards and TomKat and Paris Squared. Because, you know me, I bring you the shiznit that matters.

The show is this Thursday from 5-6 on MSNBC (set your tivo!). And it's LIVE, which means I'll be sitting in a little box somewhere talking to a camera. AWESOME. I wonder if it's delayed at all, or if I have to watch my mouth lest I get slapped with an fine from the FCC for talking about how the concept of Tom Cruise fucking Katie Holmes is just as believable as the idea that Scientology is not icky at all.

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Anonymous said...

It's cable. FCC has no jurisdiction (yet)