Friday, June 17, 2005

I Said "SEXMUSK" Live On The T-vision

I did, I did, it's true. I was riffing about the whole "TomKat" moniker and I realized that a tomcat is a male kitty who's in heat and sprays his sexmusk everywhere and that's kinda like what the whole Tom-Katie thang is. I dunno, it was live, all's I had was an earpiece, and I have no idea what I said. I just hope it was snarky.

Fo' reals, though, in re: their engagement and their romance being a publicity stunt or not, it's like an Ourobouros of sorts -- if they're really in love, why does their romance have to be so public and in-yo'-face that it reads like a publicity stunt? Like, just be in love and be happy about it but you don't need to crow about it all the time, eh? Just be on your junket and talk about your movies and keep your personal life info in US Weekly and then let us g-list celebs on VH1 make snarky comments about it. Like -- talk about your movie during the junket and talk about your love life or your 'roids in your blog, like the rest of us do. ... Because I feel like the constant media overload about how very much in love they are kinda cheapens the purity and sanctity of the way they feel about each other ... and so therefore everyone's convinced it's a publicity stunt because it fucking feels like a publicity stunt and the snake-monster just keeps eating its own tail, over and over and over again.

Not like I have any good reason to talk about their relationship or anything, but, fuckin' a, if you're going to grope each other on camera than I can talk about it... if you live your life in the public eye, the public eye gets to snark. Metaphorically.

And, hey, if they're really truly in love after a whirlwind two months of dating, and seeing as they've decided to get married after a whilrwind two months of dating, then all the best to 'em. I feel like one ought to date someone longer than two months before deciding to wed, like at least get to the point in the relationship when you stop being nice and start being real yada yada yada.

Sexmusk 4evuh!

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