Sunday, June 05, 2005

And The Roofgoat Shall be Protected by the Umbrero

So this was a wham-bam-slam weekend of rad. My friend Joel Veitch is in town from London for the Webbies and he's just oh-so-lovely. I met Joel back in the dizzay when I commissioned him to animate rockin' kitties for a whole year-long campaign of VH1 image spots -- kitties rock! Forevs! Joel's here with his lovely lady, Jackie, and two of his fellow Webby-nominees, Simon and Nick. Nick has the greatest idea EVER, and Simon has the greatest real last name of all time. Joel regaled us with tales of his new band, 7 Seconds of Love, and his plans to become an imminent international rock legend. And I don't doubt it, especially if he proceeds as planned and changes his name to "Stallion Explosion" and starts his stage shows by exploding out of the belly of a giant Trojan Stallion (preferably by launching off a trampoline), and showering the audience with real horse entrails.

Joel and Jackie told us about their plans to get a pet goat -- it's the happiest goat in the world, apparently, as evidenced by the expression of sheer joy on its face as it sproings several feet into the air. Seeing as Joel lives in a small flat in North London, the goat will have to live on the roof. And thus it shall be a roofgoat, because there are no clauses in his lease preventing the presence of a roofgoat. And when it rains, the roofgoatherd will wear a giant sombrero that's so big it covers the whole roof, thus protecting the roofgoat from the elements. Standing on an English roof, waiting for the sun -- if the sun don't come, your roofgoat gets a tan from standing in the English rain. Anyhooski -- the sombrero will be so large that it will be an uber-sombrero: an umbrero, if you will.

Alas, I'm incredibly tired -- I have way too much phlegm and it makes me nauseated and then I get tired from being nauseated. My long-suffering boyfriend continues to be a trouper throughout my seemingly-neverending health problems, bless his little soul. I went home to the Dirty Jerz today to see my grandmother, who is visiting my 'rents because they all went to a bar mitzvah (my dad's cousin's son -- is that my 2nd cousin once removed? Or no relation to me at all?) and we drank wine on the back deck. Hooray, hooray, summer is here (ostensibly).

And fuckmycock, it's June 5th. Logo launches in 25 days. Yeeks. I'm workin' the gherkin crizazystillz for the next few weeks, so please bear with my busyness and keep those cards and letters coming. Thank you all for taking me up on my challenge to send me haikus -- I lovelovelovelovity love 'em.

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