Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It Was Always Burning, Since the World's Been Turning

Oh, yes. I didn't start the TomKat fire, but I'll continue to fan it with my palm fronds of intrigue.

Fox News wonders about Kate (nee Katie) Holmes' "missing days" (is that like Jesus' missing years?) -- basically, she was all single on April 4th at the Steel Magnolias premiere, then she was single at our Save the Music concert on April 11th and then sometime after that she flew off to LA to talk to Mr. Cruise about a role in M:I3 and then on April 27th, they were madly, googly-boogly in love. What happened during those 16 days?

And now, for your viewing pleasure: TvGasm sets the Tom Cruise facial shot to oh-so-erotic music.

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Anonymous said...

CNN has Tom's Back.
"A little squirt that made a splash"
Just go to
and click on WATCH!