Tuesday, June 07, 2005

So Sad! No Shaft on Lost!

Oh, poo. We were psyched today that the meditating woman who lost her husband on Lost was going to get to see her husband and that he was going to be played by Samuel L. Jackson. Because we saw it on the IMDB, see. So we thought it must be true. But today's NY Post (with, ew, registration required, so I'm just a-gonna do a little bit of c&p action for ya'lls):
June 6, 2005 -- What is it with the Internet Movie Database (IMDB.com) and bogus actors' credits? Last March, Demi Moore's IMDB "credits" included an upcoming (fall) role on Fox's "The O.C." — months before anyone knew if the show was even coming back for another season. The listing was false, and was quickly deleted. Then, late last week, IMDB had Samuel L. Jackson guest-starring as "Bernard" in the season premiere of ABC's "Lost," in an episode titled "Genesis: Part 1" — also featuring an appearance by past "Survivor" winner Tina Wesson playing "Alex Rousseau," according to IMDB.
An ABC spokesman con firmed that the "Lost" credits for Jackson and Wesson were bogus. I mean, Tina Wesson?

IMDB seems to have fixed it, but look: Skye McCole Bartusiak plays Young Kate! Skye was just on House as a pregnant diver who didn't have meningitis, but perhaps you'll remember her from "24" season 2, when she played Megan Matheson, the most annoying girl ever in the entire history of the universe, ever to be on television, to the extent that every week we were rooting for some bad guy to just shoot the damn kid who never stopped crying. Fuck yeah! Every week, we were all, "Shoot the kid! Shoot the kid!" but they never did, and she just kept on crying and crying.

I don't condone shooting kids, but this was a very "can't you keep that chicken quiet" moment and if a fictional bad guy had shot a fictional brat, it would've made the show that much better, and I bet we wouldn't have had to deal with the whole Kim's-stuck-in-a-trap-and-there's-a-cougar shizzy.

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