Sunday, September 12, 2004

Truth IN! Bush OUT!

Operation Sibyl Buttons

Yo People -
I'd proudly sporting one of these badges. The design is just so fucking tight that I feel less icky about sloganeering (aka 'bumper sticker activism). Check it on out:

From my best friend Josh:
Hi all,

As a lot of you probably know, a few weeks ago some activists hung a
pretty fantastic banner on the Plaza Hotel here in New York before the
Republican convention. I thought their message deserved further
distribution, and I got the group's permission to reproduce the banner
on buttons -- see the attached image.

I'm distributing the buttons to whoever wants 'em, at $2 each. (That
just about covers my costs, by the way. I'm not doing this for profit.)
You can find get more info about the buttons, as well as the group
responsible for the original action, at:

Whether or not you're interested in the buttons, pass this on -- you'll
be helping me out.


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